Family first, boring finances later!

How it works?

Set allowance from your dashboard

No matter whether parents want to send money to their children once in a while or on a weekly basis, they can set up recurring and one-time allowance easily via their dashboard.

Send money anytime, anywhere instantly

With Family Finances parents and children can send and request money instantly as well as use a messaging feature to make sure pocket money is spent properly.

Trackable spendings with a linked bank card

Family Finances makes children financially more conscious by helping them track and gain insights into their spendings. Parents can decide to monitor their children's spendings too and have the right to supervise their purchases.

Goal-based savings

Youngsters can decide, whether they want to save money for a specific or general goal. By filling out a form, they can also set, how other family members need to contribute to a certain goal and set up recurring or one-time savings.

We believe

B2B, B2C, MVP, API és hasonló kifejezések kíséretében zajlott le Muck Ivánnal és Muck Ferenccel folytatott beszélgetésünk. Habár idegen szavakból nem volt hiány, a történet ennél egyszerűbb!

Digitalizált, követhető zsebpénz. Egy app a család pénzügyi pallérozottságáért, a gyerekek és a szülők is saját felületet kapnak, de együtt okosodnak és látják a költéseiket, költségeiket.

The waiting is over: corporate startup program Telenor Accelerate is finally under way for the second time to offer five months of training to the best three selected applicants.


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