P2P remittance

Allows parents to send money to their children instantly

Goal-based savings

Enables children to set personal and mutual savings goals with their parents


Personal Financial Management for children with gamification

Why are we distinctive?

Our solution creates an ecosystem, thus parents and their children can manage their finances in a transparent and traceable system

FF integrates useful, day-to-day functions with educational elements in order to create a positive social impact

Working in a banking partnership model, we can help financial institutions speak the same language millennials do

Dashboard function

PFM for children

Merchant offers

Visual goals

Instand payment on the go

Budgeting function

What problems do we want to solve?

Several electronic payment options are unexploited due to the lack of online banking, even though smart devices could facilitate them easily.

Financial knowledge and consciousness of young people is extremely low in our country and in Europe as well

Who we are?

Our small team is keen on revolutionizing the way families are dealing with money.

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